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Fitness for sports performance

In-depth study to adjust, using treatments and podiatric advice, the athletic performance of each patient, according to the sport they practice. In this way, anyone who is practicing sport, either amateur or professional, can enjoy physical activity without worrying about the multiple injuries that may occur due to the misuse of the footwear or a wrong march-step.

If you play sports, you must not forget that many injuries in knee, hip and back may have been originated in biomechanical problems caused in the foot, as we have already mentioned in our section benefits of podiatry in the sport.

Sports podiatry

Thanks to the latest technology, we analyze the exact needs for each athlete, either professional or amateur. Several tests will allow our podiatrists to evaluate any defects in the execution of the tread or in the way in we set our feet on the ground.

The tests to be carried out include studies of tread in dynamic and static posture, with the pressure Podoprint platform; or the numeric parameters related to the biomechanical study of the tread (step, race and jump) thanks to the Optogait.


Treatment developed by manual techniques that deals with the hardships and calluses of feet, doing an extensive review on the surface of them.

This treatment includes a study of minor foot disorders and their treatment.

Biomechanical study

This comprehensive analysis system is done by different biomechanical studies that are performed to improve athletic performance and prevent injury. These tests include:

  • Alinement of the extremities.
  • Movements of the joints.
  • Muscle assessment.
  • Study of both static and dynamic tread through systems that value foot pressure and its different parts.
Treatment is concluded with the new Optogait system, leader in the market and allowing the patient see at all times the study process as well as comfortably receive on their e-mail the analyzed results and the recommendations of our expert podiatrics.

Laser treatments

Multidisciplinary system that allows to treat a variety of diseases, from different types of Onychomycosis (nail fungus), to plantar warts, and intractable plantar Keratosis, bunions, among others.

Static, dynamic, and postural analysis

We carry out various analysis in a quick and easy way with the latest generation Podoprint sensors, which provide a high degree of accuracy.

The test is completed with a study on the pressure platform in a static and dynamic pose. The mixture of these three studies allows us to know all the information about:

  • Distribution of pressures in our feet.
  • Sole supporting surfaces.
  • Morphology of the steps.
  • Location of the center of gravity.
  • Spectrum, mapping, postural instability, etc.

All of this with an immediate virtual representation during the development of the test, which allows the analysis of the expert, and at the same time to be visualized by the patient.

Silicone orthesis

They are therapeutic taylored elements, which are applied to correct or protect the toes or even to balance the lack of one.

This treatment is especially suitable to protect our feet from blistering, compensate deformities and cushioning areas of excessive pressure.

Discover other daily benefits of podiatry on our section.

Personal insoles

In Podocenter we carry out a detailed study of the tread and the morphology of the foot to create a personalized template and perfectly adapted to the needs of each user.

Using the technology of Podiatech we offer depending on the information recapitulated insoles adapted to the specific needs of each foot. So you can find templates made in different textures, thicknesses, hardnesses and densities.

Diseases of nail treatments

There is a wide variety of conditions that can be developed in the nails. These pathologies, as well as an uncomfortable aesthetic problem, can be indicative of other major diseases and experts recommend an early treatment as the best recipe to prevent their reappearance.

Our specialists will provide you with all the necessary information to perform the maintenance and protection of the nails once the treatment is completed.

The most common nail diseases include:

  • Onychocryptosis
  • Onychomycosis.
  • Fragility.
  • Yellow Nail Syndrome
  • Hypertrophic nails